22 October 2010

Ovulation achieved!

Sometimes my post-o temp spike leaves me wondering...
Hmmm.. is that 3/10ths spike gonna stay up?
Nope, went down 1/10th today.
Ooo.. it went back up!
Oh wait, yep FF gives crosshairs at 3dpo, so i guess I did.
Did I really ovulate?
Wow, low coverline.
Is my progesterone high enough?
This month there is no wonder. It's simple.
My temperature rose  by  a full 1/2 (.5) of a degree overnight.
Yes. I ovulated.
It also rose ANOTHER 2/10ths last night. Definitely a clear thermal shift! I wish it was always this simple.

We have definitely reached maximum BDing for the alloted time, so all we do now, is sit back, share some more of the awesome intimacy we've got going this month, and wait a few weeks to test for pregnancy.

Halloween Morning.. .COME ON BFP!

Baby, when you read this, I'm sorry for all the crap you don;t understand LOL! Simply put.. I definitely ovulated. This is good :) refer to the sidebar if you would like abbreviation help :) I love you!



Amanda said...

love you! So freakin excited for such a beautiful chart!!!!

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