08 October 2010

Cycle 13

Starting all over again. I feel better about how I feel because I finally sat down and talked to George about it. I need answers, and without insurance it is going to come down to saving a shitload of money to get the testing done I need.

The first thing I want to do is get an HSG done. That's a test to see if my tube is blocked. If that is the problem.. well I'm done for. I can't afford a surgery to unblock it and I sure as hell can't afford IVF. If that is the problem well.. there will be a long drawn out rant about the unfairness of life and my TTC career is officially over.

If it isn't a blocked tube I need to do blood work for my thyroid again, test for PCOS, stand on my head? Maybe a real FSH level test? I used the one that came in my box of First Response pregnancy tests and "passed" but it's an indicator only. I'm not "old" but I'm pushing "advanced maternal age". I'm willing to test anything at this point.

Maybe my baby maker is just on it's last lap.. fun to drive but otherwise not very practical?

It can't be just plain old stupid bad luck.. I'm not THAT cursed!



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