09 May 2009

30 days down

Well one month of BCP is gone. I start month 2 on Sunday. This cycle was 30 days because I started the pills later in my cycle with the Sunday start.

The side effects from the pills finally slacked off. My breasts almost feel normal again, anyway. AF took her sweet time getting here, I spotted a 3 days ago and then nothing till Friday. The nurses said it's normal the first month and by month 3 I shoudl have a regluar menses. Hopefuky after that I'm done with the pills, so I sometimes wonder if it is even worth it??? Ah well..

I did som eresearch in the Vitex again and I think I am going to start it in July. If we'r enot TTC by then we'll do the alternate options, but the Vitex seems to be my best bet all around - regulates ovulation, promotes endometrial (uterus) lining, and because it helps you to poduce progesterone, it should also help get my LP a little longer so I have a better chance to implant.

Anyway... steps taken, lessons learned, and all that jazz... I'm still alive anyway.

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