15 May 2009

Again with the blahs!

I'm kind of in the blahs about TTC today. I think it's the weather. I need to get more driving time in and I have no chance between work, family hobbies, and RAIN!! Every time I wanna ask to go it rains. I don't trust these idiots enough to test drive in the rain. We live in Louisiana people... You 'd think that life would just go on as normal in a rain storm since we havethem daily this time of year. UGH! Not to mention I was supposed to go to a class this weekend and we just don't have the money....

Got my pills in back in the mail in time to start taking them again without having to start a new pack. Which is good because I don't have the money for a new pack either....

Ok.. enough out fo me today since this is all complaints... b@yl (blog at ya later)

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