13 May 2009

Looked so good I had to share!

My friend's Brandy and Eric Brady in Michigan shared this pic of their simple burger and macaroni dinner and it looked so good I just had to share! Brandy said she couldn't get her mouth around it!

Eric adds Grill Mates® Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning to HIS taste to a pound of burger. Then he pan-frys the burgers to sear the outside and then puts them in the oven at 350 for about 15mins.

The bun houses the basics, mayo/miracle whip, onion, tomato, ketchup and I CAN'T WAIT TILL MY VACATION TO SEE THEM!! I get to eat one!

The mac & cheese is prepared by the box and they add pepper to jazz it up.

Thanks for sharing, E! See you in 51 days!! You can have that waiting on me!


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