27 May 2009

Pay it Forward

Hey everyone I found anew game called "Pay it Forward" by following a link on another fun blog I follow. I'll now be following dlyn also.. her blog has food also! **BIG GRIN**

Anyway I think "Pay it Forward" is a great way to give back and say thanks to the supporters of our blogs!

It is very simple to play:

You have to have a blog** in order to enter, because if you win, you have to agree to Pay it Forward yourself and give a gift to two people who enter when you post the contest. That is the only stipulation. It doesn’t have to be a huge prize - some of the best things come in small packages you know.

It's less fun than say rolling in chocolate, but it is much more interesting than blog trains!

"Pay it Forward" Check out the super repeated "Pay it Forward" links in this blog to enterdlyn's game! GO! GO! GO!


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