02 August 2009

Meal Plan Monday - August 3

Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie started a blog "series" called Menu Plan Monday.

Since I menu plan I have decided to join the club of meal planners and share my menu on a weekly basis. Starting soon I hope to be able to offer a shopping list with my meal plan as well. Also, most of the ladies do all 3 meals of the week. Right now I'm only doing

So from now on, Mondays will bring you this cute guy (or a friend of his)


and he'll have a link back to Laura's weekly Meal plan (so click him!)and mine will be under him.

Mom's Diner Dinner
Miserly Meal Plan
August 3, 2009

Monday - Broccoli Beef
Tuesday - Chicken Florentine
Wednesday - Popover Pizza
Thursday - Orange Curry Pork

(edited wednesday to make a meal for extra kids i was babysitting)

Short week because I'll be out Friday-Sunday on my last mini-vacation of the summer!

All of these are from the Miserly Meals cookbook by Jonni McCoy (See tomorrow's blog for details). There will be more Miserly Meals next week. As always,I will link the recipes to my list as I create them.


SnoWhite said...

Welcome to MPM! Have a blessed week.

Shannon said...

I can not wait to see the enchilito recipe!

dragondreamer said...

Thanks, Ladies! Shannon I almost moved that enchilito recipe to next week, but we LOVE Mexican flavors here so it got bumped up! :) I love this Miserly Meals cookbook I found... I really don't want to give it back to the library.. I've had it 6 weeks now! LOL!

Ezzy said...

The curry pork sound interesting. I will have to see what my roomies think about it.

dragondreamer said...

Hi, Ezzy! The recipe calls for "leftover meat" but since I want to try it now, I chose pork. I have another curry recipe for next week called country captain. It's notthe traditional creation of the dish, but we still LOVE it! Stay tuned! Thanks for the comment!

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