18 May 2012

And so it begins...

So... all this packing I have been complaining about? Tomorrow our friends are coming over to help us with the transplant of the majority of our house.

I'm excited.

I'm dreading it.

I'll be a much happier person once it's done. It really is going well and what is best is that I have not semi-permanently disabled myself in the process like my last move.

On a good note I feel like I'm more prepared for this move. I'm sure the majority of my lack of organization on my last move was the fact that I couldn't walk.. sit.. stand... FUNCTION because my back hurt so bad. I'm able to take my time this move and pack some daily and I'm not hurting.

Did I mention I'm not hurting?

It's fabulous!

I may be MIA for a few days while we get this done. I promise that once I get settled I'll recap the Home Journal and move along on it's creation.


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