16 May 2012

Home Journal: Making Changes

So we now have our "Perpetual Cleaning Schedule". Do you remember when I said to change it to fit you? That is the whole point of the HJ, to fit your needs.Well I am already changing mine again!

I have been following and finding new bogs and I found an amazing idea at Echoes of Laughter - Revolutionize Your Laundry Routine. Her idea is AMAZING!!! I have always said that if it isn't it the laundry room it doesn't get washed and yet I am always hunting for the thing they lost that they need... the night before they "Neeeeeeeed it!" with Angie's system I can really mean it!

Broken down simply:
  • 1 basket per family member in their room ( I like these corner hampers from Kohl's!!! or maybe some collapsible.... so many to choose....)
  • 1 family member's laundry washed per day
  • 1 basket of laundry returned FOR THEM TO PUT AWAY! ( I love that part!)
I really can't wait to implement this! I just have to decide when to do who's. Since my "Change sheets" Day is Thursday I'll do linens Thursday, soooooo.....My current idea is:

Tuesday: Etcs
Wednesday: Mom & Dad's Laundry (we will probably share a basket.)
Thursday: Linens
Friday: Halie's Laundry
Saturday: Kaelyn's Laundry

Sounds good for now. I'll let ya know how it goes and show you my new perpetual when I get it typed up!

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