09 May 2012

Home Journal: Important Numbers

We all have cell phones that we have our most important numbers in.. but what if our kids need the number and they don't have it saved. Or the baby sitter... or you can't find your cell (usually guilty!) And I included a spot to put your street address so that during an emergency you can read it if you are frazzled.

Here is a screen shot of my printable Important Numbers PDF .

Printable PDF

So far on our Home Journal we have covered:

Weekly To-Do List
Dear Babysitter
Important Numbers

Stay tuned for:
Perpetual Cleaning Schedule (Editable in MS Office) 
15 Minute Quick Cleans
Printable Chore Charts (Editable in MS Office)
...and more! 

Have I told you all about Nitro PDF yet? I don't always get to make my own perfect printables, some I fond on other sites. Nitro allows you to type text into ANY pdf, save, and/or print it, or even create your own. Best of all... It's FREE!!! Check it out HERE. I'm not an affiliate, so I get nothing for sending you to it. I just love it and think you will too!



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