15 May 2012


I'm seriously tired of looking at them.

We've taken one load of smaller boxes (DVDs, books, glasses, & other kitchen things) and a desk out to the new place already... mostly because we were tripping over things we'd packed because the apartment is laid out so odd. We start the official move Friday so there is no time, nor reason to waste gas, on another 2 hour round trip so I'm staring at this:

My living room is only about 10 ft wide and I have furniture in here to boot, and the office is where the front door is... I have a mild claustrophobia and I am really getting cringy and about to pull my hair out... 4 more days.

What's even more of a pain is that it really doesn't look like we've accomplished squat on packing and we have, really. Aside from the master and Halie's bedroom, and like 1 box in Kaelyn's,  it is almost packed.

I can't wait to get to the new rental and start UNpacking. That part, I like. This one? I hate it.

In other news.. I'll be getting back to the Home Journal as soon as possible! I hope you're having fun working on yours!

Until next time!

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