06 April 2009

All in my head???

Someone on my message board just asked if I was having any symptoms (due to our 'oops' the day before O) This is my reply

Real symptoms or imagined ones??? LOL

I know that last night before
I growled at him for pinching my nipples hard enough to make them hurt and he looked at me like I was nuts and said he hardly touched them, LOL!

I was nauseated most of the day yesterday but that could have been from the migraine and/or heat and/or giving blood Saturday then getting in the heat all day Sunday.

I have been in bed at like 8-9pm all week and I am usually an insomniac and stay up till 2-3 am....

So I dunno. I wanna say its good signs, but it could just as easily be I have worn myself out any my body is demanding I rest...

I'm TRYING to hold out till Friday. I went back through my ;ast 3 pregnancies and I got my BFP's late.. so I dunno what to do!
I woiuld love to say YES I AM! IT'S GREAT PG SIGNS!! but I want to be a realist, with my age, one tube, and one night of BD, could it possibly have happened so soon? We wante dto put a plan in place and attempt to follow it and get some things taken care of. I guess we'll just have to take one day at a time and see what happens.

Anne Marie


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