08 April 2009

Where oh where if AF???

Temps dropping and I'm ok with it. I just wish AF would get here (since I'm not bleeding at all) and get on with it so I can move on to the next phase.

After a long discussion we decided on TTC Phases and not a TTC Plan.

Phase 1 - Begin BCP
Phase 2 - My license
Phase 3 - Re-access
Phase 4 - TBA (to be announced)

I have to get my butt going on ChaCha and work on our savings also, because we don't/can't count on family for helping with baby necessities, as they all have family and/or issues of their own. It's ok. We're used to it and like being independent (for the most part) ... at least no one can tell us what to do with things we've done for ourselves, LOL!

I hope to be trying by late summer if everything is moving along. I had wanted a definite date to begin TTC, but he was right (omg i'm putting that in print?????) it is amazing that we've been given another chance to TTC, and we're both grateful, but we have to look at a big picture and get things in place first to make the transition to a family of 5 better for all of us and not just me.

Do I like waiting? No.
Do I wanna wait? No.

But as deep as this ache and longing for another baby is I have to make it ok for my babies here too.


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