20 April 2009

UGH!!!!!!! ( o ) ( o ) PAIN!

NOTE: If you're reading a TTC/Infertility blog then I'm not going to bother putting TMI on this... it's ALL TMI... Yes, men are involved, but it's mostly a woman's world... "Ovary Up" or get out!

My breasts are in so much pain I'm ready to take them off and give them away!!

I am at CD 12 so since I am only 8 days into my BCP I have a double whammy taht my body is getting ready to ovulate while the new hormones are just getting to the point of stopping it and my body is trying to figure out where there hell teh extra hormone gunk is coming from.... and instead of my whole body feeling like crap it's ALL effecting my boobs!!

I called the nurse at my new ob and she said yep that is most certainly what is going on, and to reduce my caffeine intake (as I'm sipping on coffee while talking to her) because it can aggravate breast tissue at some points in your cycle... UGH! Put cold compresses on them if it gets too bad, and take an Aleve or 2 regular Tylenol if I need the relief.

She also said that if it's not unbearable to stick it out for 2 months. Any hormonal treatment takes 2 months to regulate in your body and by then the side effects should go away. If by the time I start my 3rd pack I am still having issues they'll change my BC, because by then if it hasn't regulated to my body it never will... so I have 48 days before I know if this is over for good...

God help my poor boobies :(


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