16 April 2009

Blogging for prayers...

This blog has nothing to do with me .. but if anyone out in the web is reading, please don;t skip it by.

My best friend spent over 4 years TTC and FINALLY got her bfp! She is due December 8, 2009. Yesterday. she started spotting and they couldn't tell her much.. so we're under "threatened miscarriage" until she sees her RE Tuesday for a new ultrasound. I pray it was shoddy/old equipment and the RE (almost a full week later) sees a bouncy baby blob and sturdy heartbeat.

So if you have a moment all I ask is for a simple prayer .. "Please let Brandy Brady carry this baby to a happy and healthy full term." I do not ever want her to go through the heartache, agony, and wrongly placed selfhate of a loss like I was forced to. Infertility was enough. She should be able to enjoy her pregnancy.

Yes, I'm frustrated, angry, and so worried... and numerous other emotions I can't put a name to.

I just want her and this baby safe. That is all I ask.

Until we blog again.....

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