09 April 2009

Charting, TCM, and an exercise in frustration....

I read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" a while back and have retained the majority of the information i think ... lol!

I started a new book last night called The Infertility Cure written by a West meets East doctor who used used Traditional Chinese Medicine to cure er fertility and became a ob/gyn then studied TCM and now had her own clinic that specializes in infertility...

I rambled..

Well, point of this post is she reminded me that AF is non-stoppable flow, not spotting. And since I marked yesterday as CD 1 I haven;t seen a spot of blood. So at Brandy's suggestion and with much hairpulling I put yesterday as spotting only which pulled CD1 out.

My temp dropped way below the coverline this morning so I still expect AF to show full force today or tomorrow.

I have reached a plateau where I am READY for her to start. This book also notes on/off spotting before AF and dark flow (all of which I have..tmi) as a sign of poor blood circulation. That isn;t good for TTC, implantation, or pregnancy.

I hope to work on these issues while waiting on hubby to decide the time is right and be healthier when we do TTC. I JUST NEED AF TO START FLOWING SO I CAN MOVE ON!!!

Eternally confused & frustrated,
Anne Marie

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