03 April 2009

My 2nd opinion was a tear jerker!

My new doctor is awesome!! The insurance I have is for "family planning" ie birth control and he wasn't even goingto discuss it with me!! he wanted me to POAS for the oops till he found out it was only 5dpo!

I do have a script... hubby isn't 100% on the bandwagon... YET! LOL!


There ARE risks/concerns...

#1 being that I have a higher risk of another tubal. He said he'd do an u/s as soon as possible to confirm pregnancy placement.
#2 a large baby could mean earlier delivery (35 wks or later preferably)
#3 definitly no VBAC
#4 I'm 31.. not as easy TTC as when I was 19 or even 27/28, but it is possible
#5 I only have one tube... again lowering the odds
#6 he's already mentioned fertility treatments if I have major problems.

As for the b/c script I got. I got that in case my oops this month is a BFN and if I can't convince hubby with in a week. He's been firmly convinced since my surgery that TTC/pregnancy is fatal to me. SO he's got to be warmed up.

I got Ortho Tri-Cyclen - - It's what I was on 12 years ago before TTC #1 and I was pregnant with 2 months of getting off of it after taking it for 2-3 years, and I had no side effects.

So all in all a GREAT visit! I am so glad I jumped in and got a new doctor. His evil stern looking picture made me except the worst, but he is GREAT!!!

I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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