15 November 2009

CD 1 - and I appreciate it this time

It's amazing how most months whether TTC or not, we're dreading the arrival of good old Aunt Flo. It's not always that we're waiting on a baby and she shows up to ruin everything.. sometime's she's simply an inconvenience and a pain (literally for me). Just always in the way.

Then a day like today.. I'm waiting... and waiting... and WAITING on her so I can start my first cycle TTC. Now I'm counting the days till O.

I'm sure I won't be this happy to see her if she shows again in 28 days.. but today.. I like her.

Dear Aunt Flo,

Welcome to the party. I'm glad to see you this month. Settle in and unpack your bags. Yes. You heard me right. You're welcome here. You see I hope that while you are twisting & turning my insides to a painful pulp you forget that there are other women out there that you might oughta be seeing and just settle for me. They've had enough of you. No. No. I know it's hard to be at 2 places at once.

Just kick back and relax. I'll get us some Pamprin and hot chocolate and we'll have a good week long visit. After that you can pack your shit and head to Timbuktoo for about 36 weeks. Nope, not even kicking you out full term. See I like you.. a little.

Your Niece,

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