15 November 2009

Still no AF

Just throwing this out there if anyone is reading...

Still waiting on AF. 5 evenings off the pill, so I expect her tomorrow sometime. I stopped the pack before I got to the high hormone pills, I think. I used tri-cyclen so it has 3 stages and a placebo week. But I started putting my bcp in my nightly medicine holder thing.. but when i'd remember oh, it's pill time!! I'd take one out the pack.. or out the container. I totally spaced. I missed a few days and took 2 pills at once like twice... maybe three times.

This cycle I expect to be screwed up because it was an exercise in my blondness and who knows if I stopped or screwed up in time to be fertile? Wouldn't that be a friggin riot? I don't totally trust my memory or the pill anyway since I conceived dd#1 so easily literally right after coming off them, so if my period ever takes more than 7 days off hormones to start I POAS. Addiction satisfied, and usually that is the perfect way to jump start AF. It's like she lurks around bored than goes "Wait! That was a stick! I'm supposed to be visiting now! **** cookies distracted me!"

Provided AF starts 11/15 as planned, and counting on the fact that I should still have my normal cycle after getting off (if history holds)...

Estimated CD 1 = 11/15
OPK starting CD 10-15 = 11/25-30

Ugh Thanksgiving... that might be hard. I'll be out of town. But I definitely don't want to miss it!! I usually O on CD 15 almost religiously and that puts me at the ex in laws?!?! OMG! I'm being conspired against!

Well maybe we'll have to break in the SUV Got it last year and needless to say I'm past the "park & play" age.. but I'm willing to make an exception for TTC! LMAO!

Until later!

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