19 November 2009

That's the Plan Thursday Nov 19

As much as I am enjoying Meal Plan Monday..
it isn't working for me. "Why?" you ask.

Because I go shopping on a Thursday night - EVERY 2 WEEKS! By the time I put up a MPM, 1/2 my scheduled week has gone by, sometimes 1 1/2.

Because of the work/school/payday schedule, I create a two week meal plan, a minimum of 10 dinners, and randomly pulla a meal off that list for the next two weeks. When Holidays roll around, things get mixed up, if we're going out of town, etc.

So here is "That's the Plan Thursday" installment 1 - November 19 - December 3. With the holidays and my birthday I'm probably going to have about 8 days of cooking because I'm going out of town. I will sneak my cornbread dressing in for you in case you're looking for a new one.

Saving money (and calories) to lay out the holiday spread? Join me for a burger bonanza! Don't be afraid to serve burger nightly.. especially if you are using budget and figure friendly turkey burger! Just change up the way it is cooked and your family will never know what hit them! (Printable recipes & shopping list coming soon)

Baked Chimis
A more figure friendly version

Stuffed Potatoes
Meat, Cheese, Potatoes? Can't go wrong!

Ranch Burgers
Yummy & Moist.. and since we know this family LOVES ranch.. it's a winner!

Cowboy Stew
Hearty stew, stretchable with a side of rice. Crock Pot Friendly

Florentine Shells
Add some burger & bacon to a cute seashell.. and they'll forget all aboutt he spinach!

Shepherd's Pie
Old Fashioned Comfort food

Tamale Pie
Quick and still tasty! Shortcuts don't have to be flavorless

Calico Bean Bake
Changing some things up from a Papmered Chef recipe!

Saturday Night Supper
Good anynight of the week, but quick & easy for a busy saturday

Southwestern Cheeseburgers
A little splurge on the chesese, but WORTH it!


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